Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

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Hot stone massage is a wonderfully warming treatment that uses heat to create very deep relaxation. Hot stone is a variation on classic massage therapy. I place heated, smooth, flat stones on key points of the body between towels, at the start of the therapy session, so you will be cocooned in a heated towel wrap. I then use more stones, coated in oil, to perform the massage. The stones are basalt (volcanic rock) which contain iron and this helps to retain the heat. The warmth of the stones calms the nervous system as well as improving the circulation and relaxing the muscles. It is a very comforting therapy, an exceptional stress buster!

Hot stone massage may be helpful for :

  • Helping with sleep
  • Sleep issues
  • Addressing musculoskeletal issues
  • Relief for joint problems

What does hot stone massage involve ?

After taking a consultation to review any symptoms, medical history and lifestyle, I will leave you to remove all jewellry and clothes down to your under garments and you will start by lying face up on the couch covered with a towel. I place hot stones on key points between two towels, underneath your body and more stones on top of the towel covering your body. Whilst these stones are in place I massage using different hot stones, coated with oil on the arms, then legs and so on depending on the areas being worked. You will then be asked to turn over and more stones will be placed on the back over a towel and small stones will be placed between the toes. This extra laying on of the stones ensures the muscles get plenty of warmth which really helps them loosen up before they are massaged. I will finish by laying stones directly on your back. Gentle music, candles and essential oils all add to the calming atmosphere.

Treatment Price/Info
Hot Stone Massage £77 for 1 hour 30 minutes

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, full payment is due, if I am unable to fill your slot.

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