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About Sandra Swift

Welcome to my website. I am Sandra Swift and I set up Holistic Therapies with the aim of supporting people who want either an alternative or complimentary way of addressing their health issues. As the name suggests, the therapies I offer are designed to treat the individual in a holistic way. I think it is important for me to look after my own health so I am able to pass on these benefits to others. I meditate regularly, which in this busy world of ours, gives me time out to be still, which brings many other benefits. I practice tai chi, have regular reflexology and massages myself and I have a good nutritional diet. Since having my 5 children, who have all grown up now, I have been able to dedicate my time and energy to my therapy practice. I strongly believe in good education for these disciplines so have gone out of my way to train with some of the best in the field. I am constantly undergoing continuous professional development to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

Years ago I went on a weekend introductory course on reflexology and this sparked my passion for holistic therapies. I was amazed at how the different parts of the body are all connected, of course this makes sense, but at the time, it was new to me. I pride myself on my level 3 diploma which has given me access to membership of the association of reflexologists. I have trained with David Wayte at Jubilee College, the world renowned Tony Porter, a pioneer in the field, Louise Keet, author of the Reflexology bible and owner of the London School of Reflexology, for my for fertility and pregnancy reflexology and more recently with Ziggie Bergmann for facial reflexology. I do different massage therapies, have a level 3 diploma and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I have clients with issues ranging from muscular and joint pain to insomnia, fertility and digestive disorders and much more and they include reflexologists, dentists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business people. I think this reflects my dedication to giving therapeutic and relaxing treatments whoever you are, whether working in high powered, stressful jobs, to those doing much needed work in the service sector. A treatment is tailored, after taking a full medical consultation. I do not diagnose or claim to cure, as I am not a medical practitioner.

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