About Me

About Sandra Swift

Hi, I’m Sandra and Holistic Therapies is here to support people address health issues holistically. Training with some of the best in the field, renowned Tony Porter, pioneer reflexologist, Ziggie Bergman creator of facial reflexology Bergman method and Zone Face Lift, Louise Keet author of the Reflexology Bible and David Wayte of Jubilee College; I am able to offer bespoke treatments.

Looking after my own health with reflexology and massages, meditating regularly and eating well, and with my 5 children grown up, I now have the time and energy to dedicate to my therapy practice, and continue with professional development.

Clients have issues ranging from muscular and joint pain to insomnia, fertility and digestive disorders and much more. They include reflexologists, dentists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business people. So whether working in high powered, stressful jobs to those doing much needed work in the service sector, a treatment is tailored to the individual, after taking a full medical consultation.

I do not diagnose or claim to cure, as I am not a medical practitioner.

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