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An amazing treatment that
works from the inside out

The Treatment

Rejuvenate your skin + luxurious cruelty-free, organic, plant based products.


What happens?

Reflexology for the face. Relating to all bodily systems and organs, reflexes are stimulated for which clients report feeling uplifted, lighter & brighter

And how?

  • Advanced massage techniques to improve blood circulation, lymph drainage to detoxify & smooth the skin.

  • Flowing facial cupping drains stagnant  blood from underneath the skin which lifts emotions trapped by habits, leaving the client feeling lifted & lighter.

The Benefits

Clients have reported:

  • Relief from stress, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, vertigo, bruxism & grief. 

  • Help with fertility & much more.

  • Deeply relaxing in a completely stress-free zone.


Also available as a foot/facial reflexology combo.


I trained in the Bergman method with award winning Ziggie Bergman, at the London School of Reflexology.




Facial Reflexology + Facial Cupping

£50 1 hour +hot towels

Foot/Facial Reflexology Combo 

£73  90 minutes 

Call 07828 862599 for a quick chat to see how you could benefit from this treatment. I may be with a client so If the answer machine engages, please Leave a message and I will ring you back.

Please note: If you cancel your appointment with under 24 hours notice, full payment is due, if I am unable to fill your slot.

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