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encourages your body’s own healing mechanisms by working on the reflexes that relate to all organs and systems of the body

My Treatments

What happens?

Over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet benefit from being massaged to relax the body, calm the mind & soothe the emotions, before the reflexes are worked.


  • Reflexology improves circulation.
    As a clinical reflexologist, I can treat you holistically, by stimulating sluggish reflexes or soothing hyperactive reflexes.

The Benefits

  • Reflexology encourages balance for physiological & psychological issues

  • Clients have reported relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, aches & pains, digestive issues, skin issues & more.


Other benefits:

Pre-conception, pregnancy & post-natal reflexology available

I also see clients who have
fertility issues

Available as a foot/facial
reflexology combo.




Foot Reflexology

60 minutes £50

Foot/facial reflexology combo

90 minutes £73

Please note: If you cancel your appointment with under 24 hours notice, full payment is due, if I am unable to fill your slot.


Call 07828 862599 for a quick chat to see how you could benefit from this treatment. I may be with a client so If the answer machine engages, please Leave a message and I will ring you back.

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