Zone Face Lift (Reflexology based Face Lift)

Zone Face Lift

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Zone Face Lift

Before and after pictures of the 12 week zone face lift programme (above)

The 12 week programme – look 10 years younger in 12 weeks :

    What happens?

    90 minute natural, non-invasive face lift without injections, fillers or surgery

    And how?

    Deeply relaxing, blissful facial + delicious cruelty free, organic, plant based products

    Facial reflexology for physiological & psychological balancing
    Good for Stress, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, vertigo, bruxism, infertility and more

    Ice cold crystal spheres tone & lift the skin

    Japanese jade gua sha tool sculpts jawline, cheekbones & forehead

    Advanced facial massage promotes lymphatic drainage, removes puffiness, structurally , lifts & contours, softens or removes lines

    White Sage herbal aura cleanse to lift your spirits

    You take away.

    A jade sculpting tool worth £15 for your daily self care ritual
    A bottle of award winning zone face lift elixir worth £75 to nourish & maintain a smooth complexion

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    Developed by holistic beauty expert, Ziggie Bergman, Reflexologist to Celebrities after studying + native American shamans & healers using Asian body mapping and healing herbs to create the “Zone Face Lift” see

Treatment Price/Info
12 Week Programme Each session lasts 90 minute s
12 week programme £877 incl. zone face lift elixir + jade sculpting tool worth £90
Individual Sessions

Full payment is due if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours.

Zone Face Lift