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ATISHOO.... away those coughs & colds

Updated: Jul 26, 2019


Let me share with you how I managed to get back to work after 2 days of suffering with a sore throat & cough.

Keeping Warm

Slathering Eucalyptus Save - I used Neal’s Yard containing Rosemary, Pine & Eucalyptus, on my

feet & wearing soft cosy socks on top to bed.

Use Vick’s if you have it as an alternative.

Warmth radiates up from the feet & allows you to smell the oils from the inside.


Chopped ginger in hot water to boost circulation. Add honey for antioxidant properties.

Warm lemon water - detoxifying, good for immune system. Anti-inflammatory, good for joints &

weight loss. Rich in vitamin C. Alkalinising effect on the body, so rids body of acids t maintain

correct pH balance.

Thyme Oil

3-6 drops in some apple juice. One of strongest antioxidants known. Supports immune,

respiratory, digestive, nervous & other body systems & balances hormonal levels.


1000 mg Vitamin C slow release daily (I use Lambert’s)

15-25mg Zinc to boost the immune system until better.

Aroma Diffuser

Diffusing Rosemary essential oil for mental clarity and clearing the foggy head feeling, as well as killing germs & fighting infection.

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